Since graduating from the Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre I have worked professionally within the Performing Arts Industry, both commercially and academically, creating and facilitating over 300 different stage shows as writer, director or producer. In 1991 I was made an Associate Artistic Director at Burnley Youth Theatre and in 1995 I was given my own Performing Arts Department to run, at Blackburn College. In 2014 I left Blackburn College to concentrate on my writing.

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Nelson & Colne College Performing Arts Course – Foundation Arts Course 
Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre
Academie Dramatique du Paris
New York Method School, London
The Central School of Speech & Drama, London (Post-Grad)


Kicking The Tiger – North-West Playwrights’ Workshop – The Contact Theatre – 1990

Waiting For A Walrus – The Green Room, Manchester – 1990

Tales of a Snot Monster – 14 different venues in Burnley – 1994 

Modern Meanings – Granada Television – 1996

Cripple – The Unity Theatre, Liverpool – 1994

A Short Play – Verbal Theatre Co. – The Bank St. Arts Centre, Sheffield – 2015

A Short Play – Just Another Theatre Company – The King’s Arms, Salford – 2016

Sewage In Milwaukee – Stitchin’ Fiction – The Boogaloo, Highgate – 2016

Fluid – Director’s Cut Theatre Co. – The Southwark Playhouse – 2017

Home – Stitchin’ Fiction – The Boogaloo, Highgate – 2017

Sketch In The City – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester – 2017

Balloon – as part of Significant Other – Pensive Federation –  53two, Manchester – 2017

Je Suis Charlie – Stitchin’ Fiction – The Boogaloo, Highgate – 2017

Boiographical Where We Are Now – The First Sligo LGBT Theatre Festival – The Nest, Sligo, Ireland – 2017

Dice To Meet You – short film created for 48.3 in 48 hours, with Manchester Actor’s Platform. Directed by Claire Elshaw. Winner of Best Writer Award.


Carnival – produced as part of ‘Til The World’s End at The Chelsea Theatre. An experience at the Notting Hill Carnival has to be shared. Directed by Scott Le Crass – 2017

Verseperformed as part of the Best Of Bolton Festival at The Bolton Octagon, 50th Anniversary. Directed by Alex Joynes and performed by Arthur Bostrom – 2017

Fluid – performed as part of Mother’s Ruin. Directed by Simon Naylor and performed in The Royal Exchange Studio [Manchester] – 2017

Fluid – performed as part of Full Disclosure’s Xposure at The Hen & Chicken Theatre, Islington. Directed by Shafeeq Shajahan. Theatre Weekly described the piece as ‘poignant’ and ‘brutally honest’. Performed by Jack O’Neill – 2017

A Christmas Love Story –- Stitchin’ Fiction at The Boogaloo Bar, Highgate. What happens at the Office Christmas Party should stay at The Office Christmas Party. Directed by Cieranne Kennedy-Bell – 2017

Je suis Charlie – performed as part of the Monday Club’s Bunker Bites, at The Bunker, Southwark. Directed by Robyn Hoedemaker and performed by Fergus Leatham and Christopher Lakewood – 2017

Poetry Slam – Word Central, spoken word event at The Central Library, Manchester – 2018

Fuck You – performed as part of SLAMinutes at the Arcola Theatre, London – 2018

Toothless – a short film written for the MAP 48.4 film challenge. Dir. Joe Simmons – 2018

Leaving It All Behind – performed as part of the Every Picture Tells A Story Season – the piece [inspired by paintings from Irish artists and featuring issues relevant to the Irish diaspora] is about a young man who has had to leave Northern Ireland, having found love there, he knows he can never return. Green Curtain Theatre at London Irish Centre, Camden – 2018

Poem – Temptation – chosen by the Orton Literary Website as their Pick of the Week – 2018

A Short Play – Sitchin Fiction at Theatre Delicatessen [Deli Studio], Moorgate – 2018

Sewage In Milwaukee – performed as pat of the First MancMade Festival at Studio 53two. Directed by George Want – 2018

A Mummer’s Play – chosen to be performed by the UK’s International Centre For Theatre at the International Theatre Institute in the Year Of International Theatre, on the 70th Anniversary of it’s founding on World Theatre Day. Directed by Will Nelson, with a cast from the DIY West End Theatre Co. The piece was then chosen by DIY West End to tour, as part of their Brexit Tour in May-June – to venues in Lancaster [The Greyson], Morecombe [The Alhambra] and Manchester [3MT] – 2018

The Collector – performed as part of the Double Feature Sci-Fi Festival, produced by Heration Productions at The Space. Directed by Mingyu Lin – 2018

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The poem/monologue To Be And To Become published on the Café Society website – 2018

A Mummer’s Play – performed as part of The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, at The King’s Arms, Salford.  Directed by Will Nelson – 2018

Keep Mitt In The Family – short film created for 48.5 in 48 hours, with Manchester Actor’s Platform. Directed by Ellie Bickle. Winner of Best Writer Award – 2018


Jsuis Charlie – performed as part of Actors Awareness at The Spotlight Theatre, Leicester Square Place. Directed by Scott Le Crass. – 2018

TV Comedy Love In All The Damp Place was long listed for Comedy Script Room 2018 putting it in the top 14%.- 2018

A Mother’s Nature performed as part of the Best Of Bolton Festival at The Bolton Octagon for the second year running. – 2018

Living – performed by Small Fish Radio Theatre as part of their 2018 Horror Show Broadcast – which was recorded live at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago, USA. – 2018

Je suis Charlie – performed as one of  four plays chosen to be part of Actors Awareness Best of 2018 Showcase at The Spotlight Theatre, Leicester Square Place. Directed by Scott Le Crass. – 2018

The Carnival – performed as part of The Spring Board Showcase by Orisun Productions at New Cross Gate, South London. A monologue showcase for the African & African Caribbean creative community. One of six pieces from an international selection, staged in an immersive setting based around the themes of spring, source, fountain or origin. Directed by Seun Shote and performed by Martyn O-Whyte. – 2019

The Working Classes – performed by Cuckoo Bang at part of their Bits Programme at The White Bear, Kennington, Directed by Rachael E Bellis. – 2019

Take Me Away a poem published in the first Dwell Times – a mental health and well-being imitative in Pennistion, Yorkshire. – 2019

The Carnival – performed as part of The Spring II by Orisun Productions at The Telegraph Hill Festival, North London. – 2019

The Balloon performed by Thunder Theatre at The Crypt, Islington. Directed Maria Bardi Lasheras. – 2019

The Niqáb performed at The Broadway Theatre, Barking, as part of the short list for a Pen To Page Award. Directed by Lucy Kaufman. – 2019


Spring Awakening – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1990
Thinking Of England – Burnley Youth Theatre – National Youth Arts Festival – 1992
The Towneley Cycle Of Mystery Plays – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1992
The Vortex – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1993
State Of Decay – Burnley Youth Theatre – National Youth Arts Festival – 1993
Thinking Of England – Burnley Youth Theatre – The National Theatre – 1993
Vlad Dracula – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1993
Pit Brow Lass – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1993
Romeo and Juliet – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1994
Best of British – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1994
The Ubu Plays – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1994
The Bedbug – Burnley Youth Theatre – The Royal Exchange – 1995
State Of Decay – Burnley Youth Theatre – National Student Drama Festival – 1995
The Bacchae – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1995
The Diary of Viktor Frankenstein – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1995
The Snow Queen – Burnley Youth Theatre – Burnley Borough Council – 1995
Iolanthe – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1996
The Importance of Being Earnest – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1996
School for Scandal – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1996
Aristophanes’ The Frogs – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1996
Man of La Mancha – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1997
The Golden Door – Burnley Youth Theatre – The Stephen Joseph Theatre – 1997
Animal Farm – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1997
Arthur Miller’s Playing for Time – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1997
The Lists of Oscar Schindler – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1997
The Tales of Wuthering Heights – Burnley Youth Th. – The Yorkshire Moors – 1998
The Threepenny Opera – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1998
Flat as a… Pankhurst! – Burnley Youth Theatre – 1999
Dario Fo’s Devil in Drag – B/burn College Youth Th. – The Stephen Joseph Th. – 1999
Chernobyl – The Musical! – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 1999
Sweeney Todd – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2000
Brecht’s The Mother – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2000
George Orwell’s 1984 – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2001
Tutankhamen, The Boy-King – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2002
Jack the Ripper, The Musical – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2003
Cabaret – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2004
The Wizard of Oz – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2005
Little Shop Of Horrors – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2006
Antonin Artaud’s Le Cenci – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2006
Bat Boy – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2007
The Falling Man – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2008
Mac – adaptation of Threepenny Opera – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2009
Jack the Ripper, The Musical – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2010
The Pendle Witches – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2011
Trafford Tanzi – Blackburn College Youth Theatre – 2012

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